White Fly Infestation – Wreaking Havoc with pool chlorination systems in Florida. How does this affect me?

We are pleased to announce that we have a new General Manager, Greg Beall.

b755858e-a31d-4676-8e66-8f49a0f3ca96Greg joined Jeff Wilson Pool Service as General Manager this past March, and brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience in all things pool related. Originally from Maryland, Greg has spent the majority of his adult life in Florida, first in the Tampa area and then eventually relocating to Naples in 1999. Professionally, Greg has been affiliated with the swimming pool industry since 1984 and has worked in all areas of pool maintenance, repair, management and construction.

In Tampa, Greg worked with what is recognized as the largest pool company in the country, initially as a pool technician then working his way up to General Manager until his departure in 1999. At that time, Greg made the move to Naples to work with Nassau Pool Construction. During his 17 year tenure with Nassau, Greg became the General Manager and oversaw the building of 5,000+ swimming pools in Southwest Florida. As a pool builder, he happens to be intimately familiar with many of our current customer pools – just another bonus to his already impressive bio.

On a daily basis, Greg will use his strengths as a manager to promote quality service from our over 50 employees. He enjoys the camaraderie among staff and clientele and is a fantastic facilitator between the two. His understanding of pool hydraulics, equipment and pool water chemistry is a benefit to our company as a whole. His ability to train our employees and to educate our customers, is priceless!

With the addition of a General Manager to our staff here at Jeff Wilson Pool Service, we are excited about what the future holds for JWPS! For Jeff & Lis Wilson, this means more quality time with their 3 young grandchildren. For Casey Wilson and Emily Wilson Page, this creates an atmosphere of intentional focus on steady, quality, growth and sustainability. We are confident with Greg on board we have found just the right person to lead us as a company into the future! Please join us in welcoming Greg and his wife, Lissi, to the JWPS family!

Help! How can I get rid of this white stuff all over my pool tile?

If this is happening to your pool, then you know what we’re talking about. This usually appears as a white line along your waterline tile or often a white haze across/over your spillover. And it really stands out when water level drops or when the area dries out. What you are noticing is a buildup of calcium coming from behind the actual tile. Do not fret, we can help!
Our craftsmen will use a specialized process to manually restore your pool tile to its original glory. See below for some recent before and after photos from some of our satisfied customers.
Contact Jeff Wilson Pool Service today for an assessment and quote.

Pool Heaters in Naples, Florida

2014 Southwest Florida Choice Awards: Star for Best Pool Service

We are happy to announce that the 2014 Southwest Florida Choice Awards recognized Jeff Wilson Pool Service as the Star for Best Pool Service!  Thank you to all our customers, business associates and friends who took the time to vote for JWPS.  Special thanks also to all our hard working staff members who consistently represent Jeff Wilson Pool Service each and every day out in our community.  We are proud of the people who work for us and we are proud to work for you!  Thank you!

Vote for the 2014 Southwest Florida Choice Awards

2014boeChoiceAwardIt’s that time of year again… The 2014 Southwest Florida Choice Awards are right around the corner.  All of us at JWPS are proud to have been recognized as the 2013 Champion for Best Pool Service, and we hope to maintain that reputation for 2014. Our goal always has been and remains to be our commitment to customer satisfaction. If you are one of our valued customers or business associates, we hope we can count on your vote!
It’s easy, click here to cast your vote. Voting ends May 12th!


You will find our category in the “Services” section – Pool Service – type in “Jeff Wilson Pool Service”. Thank you – we appreciate your VOTE of confidence!

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The Naturals

Siblings put their outside skills to use in their parents’ service company

Article By: Nate Traylor
PhotoCredit: Penny Taylor Photography

WilsonsGrowing up in a house full of pool chemicals was perfectly normal for Casey and Emily Wilson.

Before their parents, Jeff and Lis Wilson, opened a 6,000-square-foot facility in Naples, Fla., they operated their pool service business out of their home.

So began a lifelong love of the pool industry. Today, Casey, 30, and Emily, 28, share ownership of Jeff Wilson Pool Service with their parents.

Jeff Wilson started his career in the industry in 1973 working for a local service company. “I was 17. I loved it. I was my own boss,” Jeff says. In 1985, he struck out on his own. He had one part-time employee at the time.

Growing up in the business, Casey and Emily got to watch the business grow.

The company expanded at a rate of one route per year. With 37 employees, a fleet of 40 trucks and about 1,500 accounts — mostly residential — Jeff Wilson Pool Service is one of the largest in its market today.

Do Casey and Emily feel any pressure to keep the momentum going? Hardly. “If you keep doing the right thing, and treating people the right way, it will continue to grow the way it has,” Casey says.

Taking the reins of their parents’ pool-care operation wasn’t always the plan. Casey worked as an estimator and project manager for a general contractor after graduating with a bachelor’s in building construction from the University of Florida’s Rinker School. Emily graduated from Florida Gulf Coast University, having studied resort hospitality management, and worked for a country club for a year or so. They both saw greater opportunities working for the family business.

For Casey, it was an opportunity to expand the company’s scope of services. In 2007, he launched KC Wilson Construction, an affiliate business specializing in pool, patio and exterior home renovation. Casey is licensed to do both pool and general contracting. (Florida law prohibits general contractors from doing pool-related projects and vice versa, requiring separate contractors’ licenses for both lines of work.) “This was a niche market we got into and it’s been very good,” Casey says.

Likewise, Emily, who saw few growth opportunities at her country club job, is applying her background in hospitality to raise the level of customer service. “That was the thing that was stressed most in college. You have to know your customers and club members. They are the most important,” Emily says. “So when I came into the business, that is what I had been trained to do.”

Today, Casey and Emily serve as general manager and office manager, respectively. While their parents are still involved in the company, “they are operating the business,” Jeff says. “They’ll ask questions when questions need to be asked, otherwise everything is properly taken care of.”

Though Mom jokes, “I was a little worried of Emily taking over the bookkeeping, since she’s never balanced her own checkbook before. But she told me, ‘Mom, I can handle it.’ And she has. She’s done an excellent job.”

They’ll eventually own the entire business. Succession planning is proving to be more complicated than they thought. “It’s a little intimidating,” Lis admits. “It’s not anything we’re familiar with. We thought it would come just kind of naturally.” They’re navigating the legal ramifications and consulting with financial advisors. It all might be more daunting than it’s worth if they didn’t have a solid commitment from their son and daughter.

“We’re really lucky to have Casey and Emily,” Lis says. “I think they’re in it for the long haul.”

Traylor, Nate (2013, November 13). The Naturals. Retrieved November 20, 2013, from http://www.poolspanews.com/business/the-naturals.aspx

Pool Service in Naples Florida

ShadowIt’s that time of year again… Time to start thinking about and preparing for your return to Naples and/or your anticipated pool heating needs once the cooler weather arrives!

Please call the office at 239-566-7733 before the rush of season to ensure that all your pool equipment is running properly and your heaters are fired up & ready to go.

Some things to keep in mind regarding your heating needs… Be sure your breakers are ON and if you have a gas heater, confirm with your gas company that you have plenty of gas. Electric heaters or heat pumps heat more slowly than gas heaters. With an electric heat pump you can expect an increase in temperature of 1-2 degrees per hour. You must also keep the pool pump running 24 hrs/day if you wish to maintain the heat overnight. Your heater will not run if the pool pump is off, and heat is often lost overnight which makes for a chilly pool the next morning.

Call us ahead of time so we can ensure everything is working properly and we can even arrange to have the pool/spa heated for your arrival. We look forward to hearing from you!

Is Your Pool’s Energy Efficiency Costing You Money?


Energy Efficient Pool Products help to bring your pool up to date, all while saving you money! New laws have passed in the state of Florida, that now require new pools being built to meet energy-efficient standards.
However, what about your existing pool? Your swimming pool is the second highest energy consumer in your home, only the heating and cooling system uses more energy!
Is an upgrade to energy efficient equipment right for you?

The answer is probably YES. Putting the initial investment in making your pool more energy efficient, will ultimately save you money in your future energy costs.
Contact Us, and we will be happy to assist you with learning more about how you can take steps to making your pool more energy efficient.

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2013 Southwest Florida Choice Awards:Champion for Best Pool Service

choicechampion13We are happy to announce that once again the 2013 Southwest Florida Choice Awards recognized Jeff Wilson Pool Service as the Champion for Best Pool Service!  Thank you to all our customers, business associates and friends who took the time to vote for JWPS.  Special thanks also to all our hard working staff members who consistently represent Jeff Wilson Pool Service each and every day out in our community.  We are proud of the people who work for us and we are proud to work for you!  Thank you!