Hurricane Ian was a challenging time for all of us in SWFL, and in the immediate aftermath, it was our goal to continue to provide an unmatched level of service for our customers, even with unique challenges in the way. Our customers were kind enough to provide reviews during that time and you can read them here.

“Dear Casey:
Yesterday, Paula and I were once again sitting poolside and admiring our new pool and deck and thanking our lucky stars that we were advised to put this project in your hands. Because you personally really made a difference from start to finish.

We were very pleased to receive your almost daily site visits and your advice and counsel throughout the project, especially on those occasions when you wisely, firmly and politely steered us away from making an error in judgment.

Although we very much value the contribution made by every member of your conscientious team, it was your personal leadership and unwavering commitment to a quality finish, that was the real added value. Your company’s reputation, established long ago in this town by your father, continues to grow in your very capable hands. It is a pleasure to work with you. We will be pleased to refer you.” – R. Baker, Naples, FL

“All of your employees are so good: knowledgeable, caring and professional.”Mary

“JWPS was the general contractor for the complete renovation of our lanai cage, pool, and lanai surface. The job was completed on time and on budget. This was particularly noteworthy because the project was barely started in the spring of 2020 when the COVID 19 pandemic started. Casey Wilson was accessible at all times, visited the job side daily and was invaluable in assisting us with our selections of the pool lining & lighting, lanai surface, railings and cage designs. All of the subcontractors were professional, courteous, highly conscious of the pandemic and everyone’s safety and cleaned up daily. We are 100% satisfied with JWPS and highly recommend them.”

– W C Mitchell Jr

“I wanted to pass my thanks and appreciation for the exemplary service (and response) that Theresa gave us when our pool developed a leak.

Having recently switched to your company after 11 years with another pool service, you never know how the new relationship will play out. Since day 1, Hermann has been outstanding, and the pool has been perfectly maintained. I can’t say that about the prior company.

Please pass along my thanks to Theresa (and Hermann too) for representing your company with such professionalism and pride. You do not see that every day.”

– Mr. F, Naples, Florida

“By far, the most honest pool company in this area. For the record, they were the fourth company to come out and see my job….company 1, never sent the quote…company 2, thought they were building a new pool (or at least we could have on that quote)…company 3, tried to sell me equipment I did not need.”

“It’s our 7th year with Jeff Wilson and we really have no complaints. Our maintenance tech comes on schedule every week and keeps our pool sparkling. We’ve been approached by companies who will take on our pool service for less money than Jeff Wilson charges. To us, it is worth it to pay our current rate for the high caliber of service.”

– Patti C., Naples, Florida

On time every week, service tech very friendly, professional and accommodating. Concerns or problems are addressed promptly. Fair prices.Carolyn S., Naples, Florida
We’re very satisfied with JWPS and staff. Have been using them for 6 years now and family before us since the home was built in 1988.Joe C., Naples, Florida
Pool continues to be crystal clean and very well cared for with no effort on my part. JWPS takes really good care and does everything it promises to the customer. Outstanding service since 1990!Gene G., Naples, Florida
Jeff, you have an excellent, professional, and customer focused staff. We have been very pleased with your support for almost 20 years.Bill B., Naples, Florida
I look at pool service as something I can’t avoid. Jeff Wilson is the best I have had and I have had many over the past 25 years.Richard D., Naples, Florida
Outstanding; always available via phone or email. Service is exceptional!Robin K., Naples, Florida
After numerous years withstanding service from another company, Jeff Wilson Pool Service has made it possible for our family to enjoy our pool.John R., Naples, Florida
This is a company dedicated to customer satisfaction.Joe F., Naples, Florida
JWPS has my total trust. Not easy to say these days with so many companies just out to make a buck. Good customer service is hard to find, and has all my praise!Vicky C., Naples, Florida
You have an excellent business with great service and have taken care of any pool I have ever had (which has been many!) It is family owned…the American dream.Mary B., Naples, Florida
After 22 years of service we must like the company. Great company, great service and best in the county.Jack P., Naples, Florida
Cannot say enough how pleased I am with all the services I have enjoyed since my pool was built 23 years ago!Karl A., Naples, Florida

“Casey, Ken and the rest of the Jeff Wilson team ~

Thank you for persevering on this white fly issue with our property. We were completely perplexed when we noticed the gooey substance that we could see on the pool deck, the outdoor furniture and even our cars parked in the driveway. After a few weeks of this, it became apparent that it was coming from our coconut palm trees surrounding the house. Unfortunately for us, we have 6 coconut palm trees surrounding the house, including 3 next to the pool. We called in a landscape pest control specialist who treated each of the coconut palm trees with a dissolved systemic that was poured around the base of each tree. We were advised that it would take a few weeks to reach the spiraling white fly infestation at the top of the coconut palms and another few weeks for it all to clear up. About this time, we noticed that the pool had a very cloudy look to the water and was starting to grow some algae on the sides of the pool. You then informed us that the droppings from this infestation of the white flies was affecting the chlorine levels of the pool and causing this issue with the water. We could often see the debris from the trees “raining down” on the pool with the wind and the water coming off the raised spa even created foam on the water during the worst days of this infestation issue. Your company was great about following up with this and came out every day for at least a few weeks to test the water and each time add more chlorine, as the organic matter dropping into the pool from the infestation seemed to be “consuming” all of the chlorine overnight. After approximately 3 weeks, we noticed that the spiraling white fly infestation had spread to the other varieties of palms surrounding these coconut palms. And we also noticed that while we had treated our coconut palms, our absentee neighbors, the vacant lot next door and the palms on the City of Naples easements were not being treated. We made the decision to treat all of the coconut palms again and also to include this treatment on the other palms on our property. Even though this systemic treatment was not inexpensive, this second all inclusive treatment, plus your consistent monitoring of the pool until the infestation finally started to taper off, finally brought the situation under control after about 4-5 weeks from the initial treatment of the coconut palms. Let’s hope that this is the end of our saga with this situation!

Thank you again for the great communication on treating our pool and research on this. I was amazed that so few people in our area even knew about this problem until you informed me about it. I can’t count the number of neighbors who had no idea what that gooey stuff was on their cars/patios until I could fill them in with the information that you all provided during this time.

Always a fan ~”

– Lynn S., Naples, Florida