Are you ready for HURRICANE SEASON 2018?

2017 and Hurricane Irma taught us that you can never be too prepared!

While an emergency orchestrated by Mother Nature is beyond our control, the needs and concerns of our staff and customers are still our top priority.

As your pool service provider, rest assured that we have taken the necessary steps in planning for continued service, disaster recovery and start up after a devastating interruption to normal operations.

Plans that we are prepared to implement, should they become necessary:

  • Thanks to advanced forecasting, we can anticipate a possible Hurricane impact several days ahead which allows us to treat our pools with additional chemicals, to “hold them over” should excessive rains and power disruption be an issue.
  • Advance warning also allows us to proactively reach out to our staff & customers via email, and to update our website and social media with information regarding office closures, service protocol and what to expect as we weather the storm.
  • All vehicles will be fueled and kept full so that if gas becomes an issue we will have a head start.
  • All staff will be encouraged to return to work asap once safely recovered from the storm.
  • Should computers and/or phones be down, we will go “old school” with hard copies of all our customer information, routes, notes, etc. We will resume service as soon as possible.
  • We have secured outside sources/vendors to assist us in meeting our customers’ needs for chemicals, new equipment, cage removal, re-screening, etc.

Things that you as a homeowner can do:

  •  Keep all equipment running as usual, do not shut down your system, it’s not necessary. If you lose power, it will shut off anyway and you might as well have circulation as long as possible.
  •  Do not worry about the pool overflowing. With heavy rains, everything will fill up and the ground will be saturated. This does not become an overflowing pool, rain water will continue to collect as it does on any solid surface.
  • Move all pool/patio furniture to an interior location. Do Not put into the pool, it will rust!
  • Be patient, we will get to your pool as quickly as possible. If power remains off, we will do what we can without it. As we learned with Irma, all areas of town were affected differently and therefore some pools may require more comprehensive clean ups and perhaps even draining. In the first week after a storm we will be assessing each and every pool and devising a strategy to return all to normal as soon as possible.

While hoping for a quiet Hurricane Season this year, we at JWPS feel prepared to meet the challenge should we be faced with another devastating storm.  We are committed to each other and to our business, and we hope you will leave your pool worries to us!