Pool Heaters in Naples Florida

This is the time of year that many of our customers are returning to Naples for the season and are welcoming friends and family into their homes.  More often than not, this influx of visitors from the North prompts the firing up, if you will, of the old pool heater in Naples – sometimes for the first time in many months.

Some things to keep in mind regarding your heating needs… Call us ahead of time so we can ensure everything is working properly and we can even arrange to have the pool/spa heated for your arrival or for your guests.  Be sure your breakers are ON and if you have a gas heater, confirm with your gas company that you have plenty of gas.

Electric heaters or heat pumps heat up more slowly than gas heaters.  With an electric heat pump you can expect an increase in temperature of 1-2 degrees per hour.

Depending upon your usage, either type of heater  may be better suited for your needs or a combination of both may prove to be the most efficient solution.  You must also keep the pool pump running 24 hrs/day if you wish to maintain the heat overnight.  Your pool heater will not run if the pool pump is off, and heat is often lost overnight which makes for a chilly pool the next morning.

Please contact Jeff Wilson Pool Service for more information on your heating needs.