White Fly Infestation – Wreaking Havoc with pool chlorination systems in South Florida.

In Southwest Florida, we are noticing low to 0 chlorine readings in pools where there is no apparent reason other than the fact that they have these white flies in or around their pool.  Obviously, this poses a problem in maintaining these pools – we can add chlorine one day and it’s virtually gone the next.   Southwest Florida pool owners are finding their well maintained pool suddenly becoming cloudy or milky looking for no apparent reason.  Many pools are getting algae seemingly overnight – this is because their chemicals are being depleted by these White Flies.  These flies are attracted to certain foliage and it’s actually their eggs that are disturbing the pool’s chemical levels.  Pool owners in South Florida may notice a white or dark sticky substance on plants, decks, furniture – this is all from the white fly.  Local landscape companies and pool maintenance companies are working overtime to stay on top of these pests.

If you are experiencing this problem, please contact Jeff Wilson Pool Service to help.