Update #4 - 10/11/22 Hurricane Ian Clean Up

Updated: 10/11/22

As we head into week two of the post Hurricane cleanup, we want to communicate our progress and respond to frequently asked questions.

  • Starting Saturday, October 8th, our maintenance technicians are back on their normal Monday-Friday schedule. You should see your regular technician on or about their regularly scheduled day.
  • Of the 600+ pools that were initially identified as needing to be drained, roughly 150 of them have been drained and are refilling.
  • Equipment replacements are taking place 6 days a week.
  • In many cases, pools will be drained and refilled before new equipment is installed. In these instances, your maintenance technician will continue weekly maintenance services and will add chemicals as necessary to keep the pool as clean and clear as possible until new equipment is installed.


  • What is the cost of a drain, clean out, full chemical re-balance, and equipment start-up?
    The cost to drain, clean out debris, acid wash/pressure wash & re-balance a standard-size pool (15’x30’) is approximately $5,000. This base price includes re-balancing the water chemistry and starting up the equipment after the pool is filled. It does not include any repairs to the equipment, nor does it include cleaning additional bodies of water such as troughs, fountains, and reflecting ponds. Pools that have excessive sludge or debris and need to be shoveled out do not fall under this category.
  • Why is JWPS requiring a deposit?
    Taking deposits is something that we have never done before. However, we are forced to start doing so for two reasons. First, we had to secure all the replacement pool equipment because supplies were already limited, and we foresee that they are going to become even more scarce and costly. Secondly, upon receipt of a deposit we are able to prioritize our work for customers who are ready to proceed with the remediation.
  • Is my deposit refundable?
    Of course! If the cost of the work completed is less than the deposit received, we will refund the difference. Or, if you have given us a deposit and end up hiring someone else to complete the work, we will refund your deposit. We ask that you please let us know if you have hired others so that we don't hold up our crews by holding a spot for you. Again, if you hire others to drain the pool, please be sure they are property insured, specifically pool-pop coverage.
  • How soon can you install new equipment?
    Equipment installation is dependent upon the availability of equipment and installation teams. Most are being scheduled within 2-3 weeks of approval and receipt of the deposit. At this time, pool and spa light replacements are placed on hold as they are not essential to the daily operation of your pool.
  • Can you renovate my pool while I have it empty?
    While we would love to renovate your pool and deck now, unfortunately, it is going to have to wait until next summer! Currently, we are using all our resources to focus on cleaning out pools and returning them to normal operation.
  • Why does my pool still need to be cleaned after I hired someone else to drain it?
    If you hired someone else to drain your pool and you still have sediment, silt, sludge, debris and dead fish on the floor of the pool, it was not done properly and it needs to be drained again. We are focused on doing the job correctly the first time, which will ultimately serve you better in the long run.
  • Why are you charging me to re-balance the pool after someone else drained it?
    Chemicals and labor are expensive, and in short supply.
  • Why hasn't my pool been drained yet?
    It's been over a week! Exhausted manpower and daylight limitations put a damper on our progress. We identified over 600+pools that need to be drained. We are working as fast as we can while still ensuring the job is done properly! We have hired labor forces from in and out of town to help speed up the process. Currently, we are completing 20-30 drains and clean ups a day. We assure you that our staff is dedicated and committed to speeding up the recovery.
  • Will there be a hurricane clean up charge if my pool was not drained?
    You will be charged only if our technicians had to spend extra time removing debris. We took pictures of all pools during our initial visit and documented the time spent. · Is my equipment replacement covered under the manufacturer's warranty? No, the manufacturer's warranty does not cover flood damage.
  • I live in Barefoot Beach/Hickory Road area and haven't heard anything about my pool, can you tell me what I should do?
    Some areas were affected more than others and access has been restricted. Once restrictions have been lifted, we can make an assessment of your pool and equipment. Please let us know when vendor access has been granted in your area.

Thank you to all of our customers who allowed us to work at their properties on Saturdays and Sundays. This helped us cover more ground than we could have otherwise. Huge thanks also to our customers who have so graciously called, emailed or stopped by the office to thank us for our time and hard work. It has been great to meet some of you who showed up in person to check out our operation and to offer support. We genuinely enjoyed seeing you and meeting you!

We are saddened by the damage to our community and to those whose personal losses are immense. All of us at JWPS are committed to work together to restore and rebuild for those most severely affected. You are in our hearts.

Update #3 - 10/5/22 Hurricane Ian Clean Up

Updated: 10/5/22

One Week Later - Hurricane Recovery

Here is a recap of where we are and what comes next as it pertains to your pool & your equipment.

  • By the end of this week we will have visited all of our accounts.
  • More than half of our pools were cleaned with one visit only.  The majority of pools will be 100% after 2-3 weeks of regular service with restored power.
  • Over 600+ pools have been identified that will need to be drained and will require extensive equipment overhauls.
  • JWPS has subcontracted crews from around the state to assist in the draining of these pools.
  • We are draining approximately 20-30 pools every day.
  • Pool draining comes first - equipment replacement & repairs are secondary.
  • Employees are working 6 days/week for the foreseeable future.


  • If you receive a request from us for a liability release, please understand that this is a blanket release and not all language applies to all situations.  We need this before we can drain your pool based on some of the conditions we are seeing in the field.
  • We too are experiencing issues with phone, cellular and internet service, please be patient with us.
  • Should you choose to have someone else drain your pool for you - we understand, it smells, it's unsightly.  Please be sure they are licensed, insured - specifically pool-pop insurance.  We have staff who can do the rebalancing and of course we can help you with your equipment. Please contact the office when you are ready to resume maintenenace.
  • Everyone at JWPS is doing their part to restore and rebuild this paradise we call home!

Photos from our customers

Update #2 - 9/30/22 Hurricane Ian Clean Up

We are here working hard for you...

Hurricane Ian has been devastating for so many. The extent of the damage to our community will not be fully known for quite some time. We are grateful for our personal safety as we work to take the necessary steps to bringing our homes, our businesses, our schools, and our lives back in order. 

JWPS is back in the field assessing properties and starting the clean up process on your pools.  For the foreseeable future we plan to work 6 days/week. During this first week after the storm, we will ONLY be scooping out debris and adding chemicals. Many will not have power and this is the first step towards turning things around. Today (9/30), we will begin visiting our Thursday pools based on accessibility. For safety reasons, if the area is flooded or access is restricted, we will not be able to go onsite. Our technicians will also be taking photos of your pools before and after to document the process. Once all Thursday pools are visited, we will begin visiting our Friday pools, and so on... The best thing you can do if you are able is to remove debris from the pool!

We will get to all pools - eventually.  Please be patient, we are all in this together!

Many pools and homes have had devastating water intrusion. Black pools (where you can't see the bottom of the pool, from muck, debris, etc.) will need to be drained, acid washed and rebalanced. Equipment may need to be completely replaced. Salt water is extremely destructive. We will identify those properties and will work toward a comprehensive plan of action.  

 If you are expecting a complete loss of your home and/or pool and need to cancel your service, please let the office know.   Our phones are up and running, but coverage is spotty at best.

We have also added an office cell phone for texting purposes only. If you suspect your pool took on  water, or your equipment was perhaps under water - TEXT photos of your pool to this #: 239-877-1330, please be sure to identify photos with your last name and property address.  

Please complete the "Storm Clean Up - Authorization" form by clicking the button below so that we can better service your needs. We are grateful for the safety of our families , our employees and our valued customers.

Storm Clean Up Authorization

Questions/Concerns/What can you do?

Keep an eye out in your neighborhood for screen repair signs – they will start popping up all over the place and that’s your best best for getting speedy repair, somebody already working in your neighborhood. Make sure to hire a company that is licensed, insured and bonded.

Keep in mind, your pool technician is limited to what one man can retrieve with a net… If you have large debris, such as a tree or roofing, please contact your landscaper or roofer.
No, if your pool is black and you cannot see the bottom of the pool, it most likely needs to be drained, chlorine bathed and refilled. Please call our office at 239-566-7733 so that we can assess the situation and add you to our list of of pools needing to be drained.
During this time, we realize many of our pools are green and we’re treating them accordingly. Please help us by running your pump as much as possible. This will help circulate the chemicals we are adding and will help clear up the pool.
Yes, this was an unprecedented event with special clean up required on most all of our pools.

Personal Message from The Wilson Family...

During this difficult time, we are most grateful for the safety of our families, friends, employees and customers. Hurricane Ian was perhaps the worst storm in our history and while our frustrations are real, we also understand it could have been far worse. We appreciate your understanding and patience as we work diligently to get things "back to normal". Please don't hesitate to contact the office with your questions, that's what we're here for and we look forward to hearing from you! Sincerely, The Entire JWPS Team