We’re working hard for our customers after the hurricane. Thank you all for your feedback!

“Many thanks to you and your many employees for all you have been doing for so many people who have suffered from the hurricane. Pools are a source of entertainment and fun, but also a source of beauty and meditation. Pools are a quiet place for reflection and renewal. They are important for people, especially now. Ours is sparkling and lovely once again. Thank you.

Patrick C: “Good luck to all your team. Thanks for all the help. Hope all of you are safe and well.”

Mary M: “Theresa—– Thanks so much for the update! WE are happy and relieved that Wilson is back on the job despite very difficult circumstances. You are all doing heroic work. Thanks for everything!!!”

Pat C: “I got pictures from our neighbor and my friend who is helping me on site… and the ‘reclamation’ looks wonderful. The pool looks restored. I am so grateful. It’s the first step in bringing this special little place back to wholeness after the storm. Again, Thanks so much for your effort at easing my ‘list of Carlton Place things to do’.”

Bill T: “Bless you all for the great work that everyone there is doing. One day at a time, Naples will be back.”

Waterhouse: “Thanks again for helping me. You are the best!!!”

Peter W: “I’m impressed with your responsiveness given everything you and others at JWPS have going on. Appreciate it.”

Mary L: “A big thank you to everyone at Wilson Pools for getting our pool cleaned up and usable again. It was so nice to arrive here yesterday and find it looking good. I know you have a lot of pools to service. Please tell everyone involved thank you from us. We appreciate the good service.”

Janet and Andrew M: “Dear Noah, Casey and team at JWPS- You guys are awesome. Thank you so much for fixing our pool ASAP after the hurricane and always taking care of us. We appreciate you!”

Robin Z: “I know you all are working overtime and thank you so much for all you’re doing for our home/pool and those of others.”

Sharon S: “Thank you for that marvelous young man (Noah) that showed up to do her work today. He is a great young man and a good example of Jeff Wilson Pool Service. He is going to try to get us on schedule for next week to get some of this work done and he was just a joy to have around. Thanks!”

Don I: “Thanks Leon! Didn’t realize you guys were back on schedule. Holy cow, you guys are good.”

Sue S: “You have all been terrific.”

Ken M: “Casey, I just wanted to say thank you to you and your team. My pool got flooded by the hurricane and I was able to meet Kerby onsite and speak to Mary a few times by phone (They are the best). You have an amazing company and an amazing staff. What an absolute pleasure it is to deal with everyone at your company.”

Ursula L: “Thank you so very much for all you’re doing for us, which is outstanding and very much appreciated. Also a big THANK YOU to the team. You’re simply the BEST!!!”

Carlo M: “Really appreciate what you do for us.”

Richard S.  “Just wanted to say that Louis and crew were here today and they did a fabulous job emptying and cleaning the pool. They are a hard working crew and are excellent representatives of Wilson Pool Service.  Thank you for the fine service the two of you are providing under very trying conditions.  The very best to both of you.

Curt S.  “Thanks very much for the prompt attention”

Chip E. “I really appreciate the professionalism we have enjoyed over the years from JWP”

Greg H. “It is a stressful time for you guys and for Naples residents in general.  But the bottom line is the JW team has done an outstanding job for us for more than a decade.  We have calling in multiple times over the years to compliment the maintenance guys who were taking care of our pool.  And there have been multiple service reps during that period”

Robert O. “The contractor came out, drained and cleaned the pool – super fast!  I sincerely appreciate your help.”

Nancy D. “Thank you and the whole Jeff Wilson team.  You don’t know how much it means to see the pool looking beautiful as we go through the repair stage.  Your efforts are most appreciated.  Concierge service at it’s best.  Thanks again”