Hot Topics Pool Glossary

Maintenance: Pools and spas need weekly maintenance.  At the very minimum, chemicals need to be monitored and kept in balance.  Additionally, brushing of the walls and tile, cleaning of the filter and vacuuming are all necessary to ensure the overall aesthetic quality of your pool.

Filters: Filters come in all different shapes and sizes.  There are DE filters and Cartridge filters, both do the same thing (filter out debris, organic matter, bacteria and algae), but they are not created equal.  Think about your filter as you would any other filter, eg: air conditioner filter, etc.  It is our experience that these filters not only need to be cleaned (backwashed) on a monthly basis, but they also require replacement or rebuilding at fairly regular intervals.  Typically, a cartridge filter requires replacement every 12-18 months.  For DE filters we recommend an annual maintenance program where the filter is taken apart, cleaned and grids are replaced if necessary.  All this ensures that water is circulating properly, the pump is running efficiently, the filter is removing unwanted debris and the pool is looking beautiful.

Algae: Algae happens, especially in Southwest Florida.  Tropical temperatures and summer showers are the key ingredients for algae.  The best defense for this bothersome bloom in addition to your weekly pool maintenance is regular filter replacement and timely reporting to JWPS.  Algae can be treated chemically, but the sooner the better!  Believe me, we don’t like it any more than you do!

Leaks vs. Evaporation: Every pool loses water, but for different reasons.  Evaporation plays a key part, and it is not uncommon to need additional water at least once a week.  For this reason, we request that our customers install a water timer on a spigot near the pool so that the pool technician can safely add water in your absence.   Pools requiring more frequent adding of water should be checked for a leak.  Early leak detection and reporting is crucial in protecting your investment.

Control Systems: There are multiple options, configurations and manufacturers of pool automation systems.  The most popular of these is the Jandy Aqualink.  We are very knowledgeable on the use, installation and repair of all these systems.  Are you frustrated with your current control system?   Programming your pool and equipment to your desired specifications is just a phone call away.

Salt Pools: Salt Systems have become a popular alternative to the typical sanitizing methods for maintaining a swimming pool.  The benefits are not only easy to see, but easy to feel.  The pool water is noticeably softer and will leave your skin feeling smoother and you feeling more refreshed after swimming.  Our monthly maintenance plans include the required disassembly and cleaning of your salt cell as needed.  If you don’t have a salt system already, the conversion is quick and easy, and best of all does not require draining of the pool.

Heaters: There are two different types of heaters – electric and gas.  Depending upon your usage, either one may be better suited for your needs or a combination of both may prove to be the most efficient solution.  We encourage our customers to contact us a few weeks prior to anticipating usage of their heaters so we can ensure everything is working properly and we can even arrange to have the pool/spa heated for your arrival!

Tile Cleaning: Many pools and spas accumulate white calcium and mineral buildup along the waterline tile or spillways.  This is not due to a lack of maintenance or cleaning, but rather as minerals are drawn from the pool shell and water they become deposited on the tile.  As with anything, addressing the problem as soon as possible is your best bet at preventing permanent tile damage.  This is not a task that your weekly maintenance technician can tackle.   This type of cleaning requires special equipment, skilled workmanship and can often take up to a full day to complete.

I hope you have found the above information informative and helpful.  Please call Jeff Wilson Pool Service for an appointment to evaluate and discuss your current and/or changing needs regarding your pool.  As the number one Naples pool maintenance company, we definitely appreciate the fact that an informed pool owner is a happy customer!  CLICK HERE TO CONTACT US